HID Corporate 1000 Program

Corporate 1000 Program

1. What is the HID Corporate 1000 Program?
The Corporate 1000 Program allows HID to provide end-user customers with a 35-bit card format that is developed specifically for each individual end-user customer. Within this program, HID can provide the end-user with just over 1,000,000 individual card numbers within the assigned format. Card numbers are tracked in the manufacturing process to ensure that card numbers are not duplicated.

2. What are the benefits of the Corporate 1000 Program?

  • Security of the card and associated data is increased due to the customized 35-bit format that is proprietary to each individual end-user.
  • HID tracks card number sequences to prevent card number duplication; the end-user is guaranteed that the card can be used on standard HID proximity card readers throughout the world. Individual employees can carry just one card to gain access to any facility in which they have been authorized. In addition, the end-user may order cards from multiple sources (as designated by the end-user) and be guaranteed that card number duplication will not occur.
  • Due to the size of the available card population, the end-user is assured that cards in the desired format will be available for years to come.
  • The end-user is free to choose the access control hardware/software platform that best meets the needs of individual sites, while insuring that the same HID reader and card can be used. This provides the end-user with maximum flexibility in choosing the access control system and integrator/dealer that best meets their requirements. The common component is the HID reader and card.
  • The end-user has the flexibility to choose the vendor(s) that they wish to purchase cards from at any time. The end-user may choose to have one source of supply or many.
  • 3. Does my company qualify to participate in the Corporate 1000 Program?
    Most end-users who request a Corporate 1000 Format are accepted into the Program. Although HID doesn t have a formal list of qualifications to participate in the Corporate 1000 Program, HID wants to insure that Program participants will receive a high level of value from using a Corporate 1000 Format.

    Those who receive value from this format include:

  • End-users with multiple locations and/or decentralized decision-making on card purchases.
  • End-users with card and/or reader populations that are large (or are expected to grow over time.),br>
  • End-users with a need to have a highly secure and proprietary format based on the type of business, geographic location of the company offices, etc.
  • End-users that have many different access control hardware/software platforms may use the program as a cost-effective means of consolidating to a one card solution.
    Based on the above, most end-users do qualify to participate in the Program.

    4. Will using the Corporate 1000 Format extend the lead times on my card orders?
    The lead-time for card delivery is not impacted by use of the Corporate 1000 Format. No matter which HID format is used, lead times are based on the card to be purchased.

    5. How long does it take to establish a Corporate 1000 Format?
    Once the completed Corporate 1000 Request and Authorization Form is received by HID, it will take up to five (5) working days to establish the format. The end-user and the sponsoring system integrator/dealer or OEM will receive the assigned format number and a copy of the format via FedEx from HID.

    6. Are there any costs associated with participating in the Corporate 1000 Program?
    There is no charge for development of the Corporate 1000 Format and initial set-up of the end-user in the Program. Once you determine that you wish to participate in the Program, you will complete the authorization forms and return them to HID. The end-user systems integrator/dealer is charged a nominal fee for card management and card number tracking by HID. Please check with your systems integrator/dealer to determine what impact, if any, this will have on your card purchase price.

    How to Enroll in the Corporate 1000 Program

    7. How do I enroll to participate in the Corporate 1000 Program?
    To enroll in the program, simply complete the Corporate 1000 Format Request and Authorization Form and the Corporate 1000 Change Form. These forms are available on the HID website at www.HIDCorp.com. If you need assistance in proper completion of the form, please contact HID at (949) 598-1600 or (800) 237-7769. The completed forms may be sent to HID Customer Service via FAX at (949) 598-1690.

    8. The Corporate 1000 Change and Authorization Form refers to HID Direct Customers. What does this mean?
    HID Direct Customers are those customers that place their orders directly with HID. Direct Customers are typically access control hardware/software OEMs, distributors, or large nationwide system integrators/dealers. Just ask your systems integrator/dealer if they buy direct from HID; if so, complete this section of the form with their information. If the systems integrator/dealer does not buy direct from HID, ask them to assist you in filling in the information associated with the source(s) through which they place their orders. Please remember that you may list one or many authorized HID direct customers from whom you wish to purchase.

    9. Should more than one person at my company manage the Corporate 1000 Format?
    Each end-user company should have at least two (2) designated representatives who may manage the Corporate 1000 Format on behalf of the end-user company. These representatives are responsible for adding/deleting HID direct customers who may purchase cards in the assigned format. They are also HID contacts for any information regarding the format and the security associated with the format.

    10. Who may add or delete HID direct customers from the authorized purchasing list?
    The "Authorizing Contact" on the Corporate 1000 Format Request and Authorization Form and "Contacts Within Your Company Who Can Manage Your Format" on the Corporate 1000 Change Form may add or delete contacts at the end-user company. In addition, these same individuals may add or delete HID direct customers who may purchase cards in the assigned format. Whenever changes to the assigned format and/or management of the format are required, you will find the Corporate 1000 Change and Authorization Form easy to use.

    Technical Overview of the Corporate 1000 Program

    11. Can the Corporate 1000 Format be programmed into any HID proximity card?
    The assigned Corporate 1000 Format can be programmed into any HID card or keyfob. Please consult the How to Order Guide on HID's website or check with your systems integrator/dealer to determine which proximity credential best meets your needs.

    12. Is there a specific part number associated with the use of the Corporate 1000 Format?
    There is no special part number. When ordering cards, order the part number for the card you want. Then, simply indicate that the cards are to be programmed in Corporate 1000 Format HXXXXX, using the next number up. (The Corporate 1000 Format number, HXXXXX, will be a letter and five numbers. This will be assigned once your individual Corporate 1000 Format is established.)  The HID direct customer who is ordering the cards will be aware of the need to put a separate line item on their P.O. that is associated with programming the cards in the Corporate 1000 Format.

    13. The end-user is currently using HID proximity technology but with another bit format. Will the existing cards be compatible with the Corporate 1000 Format?
    When using HID cards in a bit format other than the 35-bit format, you have the option of replacing all cards at one time or transitioning into the program. The existing cards will not be compatible with the Corporate 1000 Format unless reprogrammed.

    If you choose to transition into the program, there are a few constraints of which you need to be aware:

  • At an existing site that is using a card format other than a 35-bit format, it is important to determine if the existing access control hardware/software platform has the ability to manage multiple card formats simultaneously. In other words, can the system manage two or more bit formats simultaneously? If not, any system users with access to the site would need to be: (1) re-badged with a card in the new format; or (2) the access control hardware/software platform would need to be upgraded to allow for the use of multiple bit formats simultaneously.

  • At any site, it is important to verify that the access control hardware/software being used or proposed for use can manage a 35-bit card format. There are some older platforms in use that do not have this capability. There are also an extremely limited number of newer platforms with similar limitations.

  • If the existing system can handle multiple formats, it is also imperative that you confirm that the system can handle the same card number within multiple formats. For example, if you have a 35-bit format with Card Number 100 and a 26-bit format with Card Number 100, will the system see the two cards as different numbers? Many systems see cards in different formats with the same number. If this is the case, identify the highest card number used on the existing system. HID will then block these numbers from being used to ensure that the card numbers do not appear to be duplicates. (Please see Question 14 below for additional information.)
  • 14. Why does HID ask me to provide a card start number? Why would I use any number other than the number 1?
    If you plan to use two or more bit formats simultaneously on the same access control hardware/software configuration, there may be an issue with duplicate card numbers. For example, assume that the current format in use is a 26-bit format with a facility code of 100. The  existing card numbers in use range from 1 to 20,000. The plan is to transition to a 35-bit format over time. This means that the existing  hardware/software configuration will be reading and managing two bit formats simultaneously.
    Two cards are to be entered into the system. These are:
    - A 26-bit format card, facility code 100, and card number 25
    - A 35-bit format card, company ID code 150, and card number 25
    It is possible that the access control hardware/software configuration will report both of these cards as card number 25. Although the cards have different bit formats and facility/company ID codes, the system may not differentiate based on the same card number being used. For this reason, many end-users choose to start their card numbering above the highest card number currently in use. If you are not sure of the highest card number in use and a 26-bit format is in use, it is safe to use a card start number of 66,000. For more information about card formats in general, see HID's Formats page.

    15. I have other technical questions not answered here. What should I do?
    You may call HID at (800) 237-7769 and ask for Technical Support or you may complete the Corporate 1000 Program Feedback Form Corporate 1000 Program Feedback Form on this website. Either way, your questions will be promptly answered.

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