B-Prox ID Access Cards - HID Compatible

B-Prox Compatible Access cards work great and the production time is much faster than HID due to world chip shortage.
  • Here is a list of our B-Proximity cards available:
    HID, Indala, MiFare, Awid, Quadrakey, Johnson Controls, JCI, Honeywell, Schlage, Keyscan, Simplex, Lenel, Napco, Identive, AMAG, Casirusco, FSK format, Allegion, Kantech, uTrust MD, UHF Credentials, NFC, Mobile Credentials
    Please give us a call to order or get pricing on any of these products listed below. 877-369-7033

    B-Prox Access Cards 100 card minimum order

  • 1326 B-Prox 26Bit Clam Shell HID
  • 1386 B-Prox 26Bit Printable HID
  • 1346 B-Prox 26Bit HID Key Fob
  • 1586 B-Prox 26Bit Composite Printable
  • B-Prox 26Bit WristBand HID

  • Mifare

  • Mifare Classic 1K PVC Card
  • Mifare Classic 1K with HICO Mag Stripe each
  • Mifare Classic 1K Composite

  • UBand Prox or UBand MIFARE

  • UBand is great for those who want to wear their access control credential. Made of silicone and slips over your wrist.
  • Black 26Bit H10301 HID Compatible - UBAND-BLK-PRX-26 also available in Blue. 100 min order. Call for pricing.
  • Ask about MobileID credentials by: Identive

  • Mobile ID - Use your cell phone for access in place of the standard plastic card for added security. For information about this service give Security Imaging a call.
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    Custom designs available in our ID Badge Service

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