Fargo Full Color Ribbons

Fargo ID card printers use ribbons that have colored panels that are represented by letters. Each letter stand for a certain color.

The most common ribbon people use is the YMCKO ribbon that means there are 4 color panels and an overlay panel. YMCKO ribbon is used to print full color on one side or full color on both sides of the PVC card.

YMCKOK has 6 panels, it has 4 color panels, an overlay panel and an extra black panel. YMCKOK ribbon is used with dual side printers and prints full color on one side and black only on the other side of the card.

Y= Yellow
M= Magenta
C= Cyan
K= Black
O= Overlay

Half panel ribbons offer more prints per roll at a lower costs per card. Half panel ribbons are used if you are printing full color on half the card and the rest of the card you are printing just black.

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