Round Cord with Bulldog Clip - 2135-3251 or NL-7C 1/8 - 100 Pack

Round Cord with Bulldog Clip - 2135-3251 or NL-7C  1/8 - 100 Pack Premium Round Cord Lanyard in stock
Part #LN-A02
Round cord 1/8 Lanyard with Nickel Plated Steel Bulldog Clip - 100 per Pack.
  • End Fittings: Bulldog Clip
  • Width: 1/8 inch round cord lanyard
  • Length: About 36 inches
    Breakaway: No
  • Stock Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Red, White
  • Style: Premium Round Cord Lanyard

  • Color











    More Information

    Round Cord Lanyards are Non breakaway and are available with a split ring, swivel hook or bulldog clip.
    The Swivel hook lanyards are the most popular, they easily attach to all badge holders and keep your ID Card secure. Bulldog clip lanyards are also popular - they work like a clothes pin, you pinch it and it opens. If you are using access cards I recommend the swivel clip since it locks the card in, if you use a bulldog clip you run the risk of losing your ID card if you lean against something and it gets pinched open. Key ring lanyards are gaining popularity since not only can you hold your id card but also your filling cabinet keys for easy access.

    Lanyard - 1/8 Round Cord with Bulldog clip - 2135-3251 or LN-A02

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