ID Card Dispenser 706-N2 - Holds Two Cards - Frosted Plastic

ID Card Dispenser 706-N2 - Holds Two Cards - Frosted Plastic ID Card Dispenser 706-N2 - Holds Two Cards - Frosted Plastic ID Card Dispensers
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Part #HD-20C
(image) Rigid 2 card badge dispenser, holds a card on each side. Each side has a thumb notch removal for easy access to your id card.
  • Format: Vertical, Top Load
  • Card Size: 2 Credit Card Size Badges
  • Max. Insert Size: 2 1/8w X 3 3/8h
  • Color: Frosted Plastic
  • Color











    These rugged dispensers feature UV protection and two thumb-notches for easy card access.

  • Holds two standard credit card size cards
  • Two thumb-notches for easy card access
  • Rugged and affordable

    Material: Resin
    Product Dimensions: 2.15 x 3.44"(55 x 87mm)
    Format: Vertical
    Slot Type: Slot & Chain Holes
    Load Type: Top Load
    Number of Cards: 2
    Insert Dimensions: 2.28 3.60 (58 x 91mm)
    Common Part #: 1840-6550

    Definition of a Card Dispenser: Closed faced, covers card to keep card clean. Made of rigid plastic - Helps keep card from bending to protect the electronics of card.

    Access Control Cards can be expensive and if lost the card opens the door to unwanted visitors. By Keeping your Proximity card in a Card Dispenser it helps prevent the end user from losing their ID Card. Card Dispensers also protect the PVC Card from dirt and moisture and help prevent the card from getting bent or cracked. The 2 Card Dispenser is extremely popular with the Military and Government.

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    Note: If you are using a HID Prox Card II clamshell card the card is to thick to remove from the holder, you can use a card retainer or a regular prox card holder.

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