Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B - Secure Badge Holder Classic - FIPS201 TWIC Approved

Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B - Secure Badge Holder Classic - FIPS201 TWIC Approved FIPS201 - TWIC Badge Holders for Government Issued ID Cards in stock
Part #HK-103
TWIC FIPS201 badge holder - RFID shield by blocking helps Protect Smart Card Information (image)
  • Format: Vertical - Top Load
  • Card Size: Credit Card
  • Color: Clear Front, Metallic Back

  • * Shields RFID chips in cards from being read without permission











    TWIC FIPS 201 badge holder Effectively protects the RFID information from external reader interrogation and attacks.

    Spring loaded allows for use with smart card reader without removing card from holder.

    Great product for use with military, government and financial industry.

    Badge Holder Protects a single ISO7810 ID-1 form factor PIV, CAC, or identification card. The Secure Badge holder from Identity Stronghold meets the FIPS201 requirements for an electromagnetically opaque sleeve. It provides a barrier to invasive or unwanted communications with the card and puts the user in control of where and when the card is read.

    See a Demonstration of the Badge holder In Action

    An innovative new employee ID badge holder designed to prevent unauthorized data skimming of embedded information. The new Secure Badge holder provides a shield against unauthorized access to contactless information stored on PIV cards, CAC cards, and other contactless smart card applications

    Gone are the days of skimming information from contactless smart cards.
    With the implementation of the Secure Badge holder, government employees, consumers, business executives and security professionals alike no longer need to worry about combating identification theft."

    A patent-pending rigid badge holder, the Secure Badge holder affords privacy protection by providing a barrier to unknown or unauthorized wireless communications through the contactless interface found on many smart cards today. Secure Badge holder is also the only shielded badge holder designed to allow card reading without the need to remove the card. By squeezing the activation tabs, the card is able to communicate with a reader. As soon as the tabs are released the smart card is shielded again. The wearer controls who reads the card and when it is read.

    Secure Badge holder is also designed to hold the PIV card securely in place, yet allows easy, one-handed removal of the card from the badge holder when necessary. The Secure Badge holder protects the card and is weather- and water- resistant.

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